The Train Job

Paradigm Marine was called in to recover and remove a 50 ton steel hull sports fisherman vessel which had been in a wooded area for 6 months. We worked with property owners, utilities, and the railroad company to facilitate the move, load, and recovery. The boat was 1100 feet from railroad siding in thick vegetation and swampy ground. We removed timber and constructed a soft bed roadway to move boat on. We removed all running gear and drug the vessel with timber skidders to railroad siding. Boat was loaded onto railcar and later removed with two 100+ tons cranes working in unison. Boat was moved on flatcar 6 miles to dock facility and offloaded onto heavy duty road transport. Boat was then moved 2 miles to waterfront dock and lifted the third time by the same crane combination into the water. There was absolutely no damage done to the boat in the entire operation and it was actually started and moved from that location on its own power.